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Purple Punch Strain , having been bred from the one and only Granddaddy Purple and crossed with Larry OG, fans of either of these big-name buds will be over the moon with the by-product of intelligent breeding.

Purple Punch Strain offers much of the body melting physical effects associated with Larry OG, with all of the flavors of GDP to make one hell of a bud!

In 2018, the world couldn’t get enough of Purple Punch as it shot to fame, making itself a household name for many patients and cannabis enthusiasts alike.

Purple Punch’s popularity is mainly due to its delicious flavor and deeply relaxing, sedating effects, which is why many cannaseurs consider this strain the perfect after-dinner treat.


This delicious dessert-like strain is a true purp, offering complex flavors with an overwhelmingly sweet theme.

Much like the aroma, Purple Punch tastes deliciously sweet, with those berry and grape notes being the first to hit on the inhale. Purple Punch’s smooth blueberry flavor dominates on the exhale, and the sweetness builds and lingers to leave a pleasant aftertaste.


Thanks to its fantastic array of anthocyanins, Purple Punch is a beautiful bud to behold. A mature Purple Punch plant has GDP-like purple hues, which are particularly evident in this plant’s distinctive purple leaves.

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