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Parcel Shipping insurance is a service that protects customers against lost, stolen, or damaged packages. It serves as security for delivery
Note: We do NOT ship orders out if the client has not Insured his/her parcel .This is a compulsory one time payment which must be made by the client once the parcel is at the terminal point of the agency ready for shipping/delivery. If you already have the OTPIR document (PARCEL INSURANCE REFUND document), then you do not need to Insure your Parcel again. Just send us a copy of this document so that delivery can proceed.
Once an order is at the terminal point of the agency, it cannot be cancelled, if the customer decides to do so, he/she will not be refunded the amount paid for the goods.
-We do not ship out parcels without Parcel Insurance Coverage
The fixed amount for parcel Insurance is $300, paid by the Customer. 
If an insured package does not reach its destination, or if it is damaged when it’s delivered, then the customer is reimbursed the declared value of the items in the package by the vendor plus the amount paid for the Insurance
– If an insured package reaches its destination with no damages, then the customer is only refunded the amount paid in for the Parcel  Insurance.
What ever the case, the amount you pay for the Parcel Insurance is fully refunded to you upon delivery of your parcel.
After your payment, the customer will be issued the Parcel Insurance Refund Form On Delivery alongside with his/her package. This document contains information regarding how the customer would like to have the refund, be it in Cash, Bank transfer, Paypal, Cryptocurrency. The customer will fill this document and send us a copy which will be used to process the refund.


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