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About Moon Rockets Pre-Rolls

Elevate your smoking experience to new heights with our new and improved MOON ROCKETS PR-EROLLS. Packed with cannabinoids and easy to puff! . These aren’t your average pre-rolls – they’re a one-of-a-kind. Power-packed experience meticulously designed to deliver the ultimate entourage effect.

Our Moon Rockets undergo a special treatment. Where they are sprayed with a potent trifecta of distillates – Delta 8, HHC, and H4CBD. This unique formulation amplifies the therapeutic properties of each cannabinoid. Creating a synergistic effect that transcends the ordinary.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. This lavish layer enriches the product with an array of cannabinoids, enhancing the overall impact and offering a diverse spectrum of benefits.

Packaged in a child-safe, elegant glass jar, our Moon Rockets Pre-Rolls are available in four curated variants – the soothing Indica (Bubba Kush), the balanced Hybrid (Cakeberry Brulee), the uplifting Sativa (Sour Candy Kush), and the versatile All Day Blend.

Moon Rockets Pre-Rolls: New & Improved!

Child-Safe, Stylish Packaging: The pre-rolls come safely enclosed in a stylish glass jar with a child-safe lid, perfect for safekeeping and presentation.

Four Unique Variants: Choose from soothing Indica, balanced Hybrid, uplifting Sativa, or sample them all with our All Day Blend.
Explore the unseen realms of the cannabinoid experience with our new and improved Moon Rocket Pre-Rolls – a celestial journey of taste, satisfaction, and potent therapeutic effects.


Premium CBD flower (cultivar dependent on variant. Bubba Kush, Cakeberry Brulee, or Sour Candy Kush). Trifecta of distillates (Delta 8, HHC, H4CBD), CBG Kief


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