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Critical Kush Cannabis Cookies

About Critical Kush Cannabis Cookies

Experience a tasteful adventure with our Critical Kush Cannabis Cookies, infused with the mesmerizing terpene oil of this potent weed strain. These strong biscuits offer a satisfying and unforgettable taste experience. Taste how the intense aromas blend perfectly with the delicious chocolate, and enjoy a moment of pure indulgence, prepared by Cannabis Bakehouse.


Awaken your senses with our Cookies, infused with the enchanting terpene oil of the powerful cannabis strain. With every bite you experience the full power of the aromas, an immersive taste experience with earthy and spicy notes that is determined by the terpene oil of Critical Kush.


The strength of these cookies is subtly intertwine with the terpene oil of this cannabis strain. Giving you a delicious and satisfying experience. Our Cookies contain no CBD or THC, so you can enjoy the rich chocolate and strong flavors without any psychoactive effects, prepared with passion and craftsmanship by Cannabis Bakehouse.

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