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Tré House Tropic Mango Gummies

About Tré House Tropic Mango Gummies

If you love paradise, delicious tropical gummies, and super chill psychotropic rides, then you must try Tré House Tropic Mango Gummies

This inventive THC Gummy Blend offers a combination of cannabinoids that will take you on an ocean voyage to a destination where time is non-existent, but revitalizing waves of intensely relaxing and mildly trippy sensations are plentiful.

Tropic Mango Gummies Product Specifications:

20 Hemp-derived gummies per bottle
35 MG Blend Gummies:
2mg THC-O
10mg HHC
20mg D8 THC
3mg Full-Spectrum CBD
Total Cannabinoids per bottle – 700mg
Flavor – Tropic Mango

For adults 21+ only.

Avoid if at risk for drug tests.
Don’t operate heavy machinery.
May alter mental states.
THC can lead to addiction.
May impair focus and coordination.
Potential health risks from THC use.
Not for pregnant, conceiving or nursing women.
Avoid if on other medications. Consult healthcare professional.
Keep away from children and pets.
Start low, increase dosage gradually.
Stop use if adverse reactions occur. Seek medical help.
Results may vary, not FDA-confirmed efficacy.


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